Product Info

Tips & Information:
Unless otherwise noted, all vinyl is permanent outdoor vinyl.  It is all custom made so future availability is unpredictable.

Due to the custom nature of these products, there may be slight imperfections.

​Actual colors of the vinyl may vary due to differences in computer display capabilities and/or indoor vs outdoor lighting.  

All vinyl will be rolled...nice and neat...for shipping.

Remember to check your settings, the blade and your mat before you start ANY project :)

As with any new material, you should always cut a small piece at first to make sure you are using the correct blade setting on your machine.  Cricut may find that using the iron-on setting to cut this vinyl works best.  Some colors are thicker and it may be necessary to use the iron-on+ setting.  Silhouette may find that the "shiny vinyl" setting works best and/or Blade 2, speed 5-8 (depending on design) thickness 9.  
You can feel the difference between different types/brands of vinyl. If it cuts like butter, then you are good to go!

A few rules of thumb when applying any vinyl material to items such as mugs, water bottles, tumblers, plates, wine glasses, etc.:
1,  Clean the item with alcohol prior to applying the vinyl,
2.  Let the vinyl "set" for a few days before using the item, 
3.  Wash by hand, do not put in the dishwasher.
4.  Do not use in the microwave.
5.  Do not soak in water.
6,  It's always a good idea to add "made with love - handle with care" to your business card or on a note attached to the item.

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